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Police-enterprise jointly carried out emergency drills for security emergencies.
2021-8-16 15:05:14

On August 13, Beiliang Police Work Station, Joint Free Trade Zone Public Security Branch of the Quality and Safety Department of Beiliang Compan, Dayaowan Entry-Exit Border Checkpoint, Beiliang Dispatching Center, Bulk Grain Department, Dalian Temasek Security Service Co., Ltd. and many others Units, joint exercise on Emergency Response Plan for sudden security incidents.

In this exercise, the operation site of the foreign trade ship at Berth No. 2 in Beiliang Port was used as the place where the simulated incident occurred. It simulated a foreign crew member illegally leaving the ship, attempting to carry a vehicle entering the city and leaving the port, suspected of illegal entry and undermining the foreign ship epidemic prevention and control requirements. The participating units implemented emergency response in accordance with the "Emergency Plan of Beiliang Company's Port Facilities Security Incidents" and "The Special Emergency Plan of Beiliang Company's Emergent Infectious Disease Epidemics". Blockade, joint defense cooperation with port units, and suspicious personnel control will take the form of on-site actual combat drills; the dispatch center will notify the offshore port security incidents to upgrade management and control, report to the port facility security supervisor, report to the higher authority, and request external reinforcements. Performed in the form of a tabletop deduction.

This plan exercise aims to inspect the contents specified in the "Port Facility Security Plan", test the emergency response of port facility security incidents, security incident reports, and when the security situation is threatened or damaged, the port response, ship port security coordination and cooperation, Whether a series of response procedures such as joint defense of port units and external reinforcements meet actual needs. In addition, in view of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control of foreign trade ships, this exercise also examines emergency response procedures for sudden infectious disease epidemics to ensure relevant positions in the port facility security plan Familiarize with the personnel of the responsibilities of each security level, enhance the coordination and cooperation capabilities of relevant departments of Beiliang Company with public security and border defense, and find and improve the weak links and defects in the security work of port facilities. Through this exercise, the expected goal was achieved.