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The security team of our company's Roosevelt Square project was praised by Party A
2021-9-28 11:04:20

On September 28th, Dalian Roosevelt Square gave high praise to our security team members for their outstanding performance in the two open fire incidents that occurred at 1:00 am on September 5th and 12:40 am on September 8th. They also gave cash rewards to the firefighting team members at the meeting site, and gave deep concern and condolences to the on-site team members in terms of work and personal safety.

In order to establish a model, the company requires all project departments to carry out learning activities from outstanding examples, carry forward the spirit of fearlessness and dedication, put safety in the first place, and escort Party A's safety and stability at critical moments. The company's board of directors decided to report to the firefighters in the company and give the team cash rewards for encouragement.